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Tagong (塔公) is a small town situated in the historical region of Kham, which lies in eastern Tibet at 3800 meters above sea level (12500 feet). The town is also known by its Tibetan name; Lhagang (ལྷ་སྒང་)which means, a place which is loved by Buddhas.
In 9th century there was a Chinese princess passing through who was supposed to be married to a Tibetan king. On her was she was accompanied by important Buddhist Lama, Tulku. When they camped in the area the Lama decided the area as so beautiful he wanted to stay here for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, the princess persuaded him to leave with her and promised him that a big buddha statue was going to be built. The next morning the promised statued miraculously appeared on the planed spot.

Today Tagong is still deeply connected to Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is nicknamed little Lhasa. One of the most important monasteries of the area is located in the town square – Chinese Tagong si or Tibetan Pel Lhagang. Nearby is the sacred mountain called Zhara (Yala) which peak is at 5 820 meters (19 000 feet).

Tagong and its surrounding's is an ideal place for the exploring of local authentic Tibetan Buddhist traditions and to see the original nomadic way of life on the high grasslands around Tagong with their Yak herds.