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Tagong is today located in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in western Sichuan, western China. Historically it belongs to Tibetan region named Kham.

Geographically, Ganzi is very big. You can find high mountains, vast grasslands, fertile vallies and dense forrests. The elevation varies from 1800 meters to over 7000 meters.
In the north you can find the biggest buddhist monastery complex in the world - Sertar (Seda) which has around 50 000 monks.
Close to Kanding there is the king of Sichuan mountains - Mount Gongga (7558 meters).
In the south there is famouse Yading national park.

Kham ཁམས་ is one of the 3 main traditional regions of Tibet.
It lies at south-east of Tibetan plateau.
The Kham Tibetans, better known as Khampa are traditionally known as the warriors of Tibet. Whether from Beijing or Lhasa, the Khampa have always been resistant to outsiders controlling their land. Most Khampas are considerably taller than Tibetans from other regions of Tibet. Kham men from Chamdo, Dege and Nangchen often wear their hair long with red or black tassels woven in. Throughout Kham, chuba (traditional long coats worn by Tibetans) are fur-lined and made of beautiful material.