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How to get here:

By Plane:

There are daily flights from Chengdu to Kanding Airport, which is the second highest in the word. It takes less than an hour and cost between 300-1000 Yuan depending on the season and luck. From Kanding airport you can take a taxi or minivan for 50 yuan per person, if the car is full. Whole 4 seat car should be 200 if there are no other passanger's or you want to ride on your own. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Tagong, depending on road and weather conditions this may be a little longer. If you have never been to high place, or are not yet acclimatised there is a high chance that you will get altitude sickness. If this is the case we suggest you spend a night in Kanding or if already in Tagong, we have oxygen available and can assist with getting you back to lower altitude.
You can book the flight on Ctrip

By Car - From Chengdu to Tagong:

If you have your own car you go from Chengdu south on road G5 through Ya'an to shimian (石棉). and then north to Kanding, first on road S211 and then you will join G318. From Kangding follow the road signs west.
If you don't have your own car and would like to come to Tagong, you can call us and we can arrange a car with a driver or a private 4WD to rent and drive yourself for a very reasonable price.

By Bus - From Chengdu through Kanding:

There are many buses from Chengdu's xinnanmen bus station (First: 6:00, Last: in the early afternoon). The bus ticket costs 127 yuan and it takes around 7 hours. If the weather is not good it can take much longer. From Kangding you can take shared minivan. The price should be 50 yuan per person. You might wait for few hours for other passengers. The best time to find a car is around 9. After 3 o'clock it is very difficult to find anyone. From Kanding to Tagong it takes around 2 and half hours. If it's snowing it might be much longer.

By Bus - from Litang:

take shared minivan from Litang to xinduqiao. It takes 5 hours and it costs 120 yuan. From xinduqiao take shared minivan or car to Tagong. It takes 40 minutes and costs 20 yuan.